I am thrilled to continue my nearly decade-long relationship with American Corporate Partners (ACP) and to support Peter Folliard.

ACP was founded in 2008 as a non-profit to help military veterans make the transition to the civilian workforce.  ACP also supports active duty spouses in managing their careers.  Since its founding, ACP has helped over 20,000 veterans.  I’ve been honored to work with a dozen, from E-3 to O-5, across branches and geographic locations.

Translating leadership and success in the military to a different context in the civilian world can be challenging. I give lots of credit to ACP for making that transition easier for thousands of our veterans. If you are exiting the military and entering the civilian workforce, please check out what ACP can do to help you.

Thanks to American Corporate Partners and Peter Folliard for sharing this shout-out!


Coaching with American Corporate Partners